Why do both of the founders of Perfecting Pizza own Fire Within Mobile Wood-Fired Pizza Trailers? 

Lots of reasons! A mobile wood-fired pizza operation has allowed both Michael and Siler to keep their pizza making skills sharp, work with their family, have fun, and work when they want. There isn’t a brick and mortar location that they are tied to, leaving them time to focus on Perfecting Pizza and make pizza/money on the side. Not only that, but a mobile wood-fired operation is

  • High Profit!
  • Lower entry cost that brick and mortar
  • Flexible hours
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Less overhead
  • Fewer employees
  • More Fun!

Two pizza makers in chef coats standing in front of a mobile wood-fire pizza ovenThat covers why Siler and Michael chose the mobile business after decades in brick and mortar locations, but why did they choose Fire Within trailers?  There are lots of good companies out there building great pizza ovens and good trailers, but Fire Within really stood out in several areas

  • The Quality: The craftsmanship of the oven, the design of the trailers, and overall heavy duty build of these setups are second to none. It’s as close to a turn-key setup as you can get. Plus, it was designed for the road – not to sit inside your shop.
  • The People: The people at Fire WIthin are top notch, honest, and genuine humans who love pizza and are committed to your success in the pizza business.
  • The Education: They don’t just sell you a trailer with an oven on it, they also provide you with the education that you need to be successful. Their Wood-Fired Univerisity is fantastic and eye opening and the Rolling in the Dough business manual provides you with tons of insights and details.
  • The Support: After buying the oven you are given access to a private social media “support” group of other operators where you can ask questions and share tactics/operations/recipes with other like-minded people.

Give Ajith Dharma at Fire Within a call today at 888-240-9758 or email at ajith@firewithin.com or you can also use the handy form below. You will be glad you did and be sure to tell him we sent you so that you get the extra special VIP treatment!

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