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Over the years we have tasted a ton of different pepperoni, and there are many fine brands out there to be sure, but in our humble opinion, Ezzo Pepperoni is the hands-down best pepperoni on the markets today. Both their standard 51mm and their 38mm thick “Cup & Char” versions are full of amazing flavor. Be sure to request your sample and find availability today.

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Ezzo Sausage Company, founded 1978

There has been an Ezzo making quality meats in the United States for over 100 years. In 1906 Dominic Ezzo immigrated to the United States where he traveled north on the Hudson River with only two apples in his pocket eventually landing in Canastota, New York. He worked the muck lands as an onion farmer until he opened his neighborhood grocery store where he sold, amongst other items, produce, fresh sausage, veal, and steaks. Through the great depression Dominic allowed his customers to pay on credit and trade to keep his neighbors fed. This thinking has been passed through generations of the Ezzo family to take care of your team, your neighbor, the employee and the customer. Standing by the philosophy that  “Together Everyone Achieves More”.

In 1971 Bill Ezzo was recruited by Woody Hayes to play for The Ohio State Buckeyes on an athletic scholarship for football, Woody often told Bill and the other players, “Preparation and hard work seem to turn into good luck somehow”. While Bill was in school his Father, John Ezzo, was in North Vernon, Indiana selling sausage for his Brother Sam Ezzo. After the North Vernon factory was destroyed by an electrical fire John sent his oldest son Scott Ezzo to look for a new home for Ezzo Sausage. Scott found a small meat locker in Columbus, Ohio that he converted into a production facility making fresh sausage and Bill went on the road selling to grocery stores and neighborhood pizzerias.

After a short time Bill was inundated with requests to make pepperoni as well, which Scott through tireless effort and years of refinement made the pepperoni we manufacture today. Orders continued to pour in and the two brothers expanded to the point of adding fermentation ovens and large drying rooms. In 2001 Ezzo Sausage expanded into its second building dedicated to slicing their growing product line.

For the past 15 years Ezzo Sausage has been at capacity, unable to take any new business.  However in 2015 the time felt right to make a push forward and expand once more. Bill purchased a previously USDA Inspected building on the west side of Columbus, Ohio where the newest member of the Ezzo Family, Mitch LeBrasseur, is currently overseeing construction on a state of the art Pepperoni and Italian meat production and slicing facility.

These are exciting times for Ezzo’s and their business family and they are dedicated to the same principles Dominic Ezzo stood by nearly 100 years ago. Make only the highest quality products and take care of your team and together everyone achieves more.

Family. Honesty. Quality. Tradition.

Ezzo Sausage Company

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