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Episode 1 of “The Real Slice”

In the first episode of the Real Slice, Michael and Siler sit down with Christal Spata of Valeo’s Pizza in Kenosha, WI. Valeo’s has been a fixture and pillar of the community for over 50 years, and is one of the original three pizzerias that opened in Kenosha, WI over half a century ago. The pizzeria is housed in an unremarkable building tucked away in a residential section of the city. Owner and Chief Leadership Development Officer, Christal Spata, explains their pizzeria, “We’re not much. We are a carryout/delivery place – we have no dine-in, just a little lobby to come get it. 1,600 square feet – we’re a tight organization. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve driven down the road and passed the place – like, it is a Mom & Pop, hole-in-the-wall establishment. And I’m going ‘Dang it; I just passed my own business again!’ But I do, because it is just this hidden gem that is just the heart of Kenosha.”

Episode 2 of “The Real Slice”

Michael and Siler have an in-depth chat with the 2017 winner of the Caputo Cup, Will Grant of That’s A Some Pizza. Located on Bainbridge Island in Washington State, this award-winning pizzeria uses a 120-year-old sourdough starter! Listen in as Will tells us more about what a sourdough start actually is, how to use one, and how winning the Caputo Cup has helped his business explode.

Episode 3 of “The Real Slice”

Listen in as 13 Time World Pizza Champion Justin Wadstein of Sleight of Hand Pizza gives Michael & Siler the low down on his mobile wood-fired pizza business and how he built it into a successful business. Don’t miss this great episode loaded with lots of invaluable tips, pointers, and advice from one of the most winning pizza competitors in the world.

Episode 4 of “The Real Slice”

Carmine Testa is father to the famous Jersey Pizza Boys, Nicholas and Michael Testa who have become a viral internet and television success for their acrobatic dough tossing. Carmine also is the owner of Carmine’s Pizza Factory in Jersey City, NJ and shares with Michael & Siler how he struggles and copes with expenses associated with the online ordering platforms that most consumers love.

Episode 5 of “The Real Slice”

Nicole Bean is seemingly everywhere right now in the pizza industry? Why? Because she is doing what every good pizza operator should be doing – she is networking, learning, competing, and soaking up the entire pizza industry to make herself a better pizza maker and business owner. She is perfecting her craft, as a wise pizza maker we know likes to say. Nicole and her family own and operate two well know and wildly busy pizzerias in the Houston, TX area named- Pizaro’s Pizza Napoletana. Listen in to find out how she and her family grew a passion into a successful business and survived the devastation of Hurricane Harvey and a major civil infrastructure disruption.

Episode 6 of “The Real Slice”

Have you heard of Master Pizza yet? You should have by now. Not only is Master Pizza a well known northeast Ohio pizza chain with 11 stores, the Master Pizza team and friends manage the International Pizza Challenge for Pizza Expo each year! This episode Michael and Siler speak with the president of Master Pizza, Jeremy Galvin, about growth and what it takes to operate more than one pizzeria. Jeremy is also a speaker at trade shows and was previously co-owner & C.O.O. of Romeo’s Pizza from 2005-2012, during that time the company exploded from one store in Medina to over 30 locations comprised of company owned locations and franchises across Ohio.

Episode 7 of “The Real Slice”

Right in the middle of Silicon Valley, halfway between San Fransisco and San Jose, you will find the city of Los Altos as well as State of Mind Public House and Pizzeria. Michael and Siler chat with Lars Smith, Chef and Co-Owner, of this award winning pizzeria that has gone from zero to a multi-million dollar operation in a very, very short time. Listen in as Lars tells us about how he made the jump from corporate pizza to independent pizza!

Episode 8 of “The Real Slice”

Perry Anastasakis and his family have built a successful pizzeria in Bethel, Connecticut where they have been in business since 1982. That makes about 37 years of continuously making great pizza, pleasing customers, making mistakes, learning, and growing. Listen in as Perry tells how he does it.

Episode 9 of “The Real Slice”

Minimum wage is not going down, employees are not getting cheaper, and compliance issues are never going to get easier to deal with. So what is a pizza operator supposed to do? Who has time to deal with all of this when a million other things are going on, and customers want pizza right now?! We have found an amazing tool that will revolutionize the way you schedule employees and make compliance easier than ever before. The best part is that it is free, and the premium version is just a few bucks per employee! OpenSimSim is the name of the great app we discovered, and today we sit down and speak to the CEO of OpenSimSim, Roger Avats, to find out more. If you want to get connected with OpenSimSim, visit and click on Free Content to find their page.