This recipe is for an order of good old-fashioned breadsticks made with your regular pizza dough. Any pizzeria can add them to their menu with minimal effort. They are super easy to make and very profitable if priced correctly.

Tools Needed

  1. (2) 12” Screens or Pans
  2. Pastry Brush
  3. Shallow ½ Sized Pan
  4. Aluminum Foil (optional)

Preparation Steps

  1. Hand stretch and flatten out the dough ball into a rectangular shape approximately 14”x9”.
  2. Cut vertically so that you now have two pieces that are about 7”x9”.
  3. Make seven horizontal cuts across both pieces of dough so that you end up with two rows of eight strips of dough. You can choose to cut just five times if you want slightly fatter breadsticks.
  4. Place each breadstick on the screen/pan and give it a slight twist while doing so for a little extra character. Place six breadsticks going left to right down the center and then two going up/down on either side.

Be sure each breadstick is not touching the other and none are hanging off the edge of the screen/pan.

Optional: Lay down a sheet of foil onto the screen or pan if you need to keep the bottom of the breadstick from getting too done. Give the foil a quick shot of non-stick spray first.

  1. Bake until golden brown.
  2. Place into the ½ pan and baste with garlic sauce.
  3. Place on a plate for dine-in or into a container for carryout.
  4. Serve with one dipping sauce.

Recipe Details: Breadsticks

Dough Ball22 oz.
Garlic SauceAs needed
Parmesan / Romano BlendAs desired
OreganoAs desired

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